MEDIA MONITOR: Friday 4th May 2012

BCC and Accredited Chamber mentions in the national media

Michael Ward, President of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, was quoted in the Financial Times (pg 2) talking about the prospect of Birmingham having an elected mayor.

Today’s top story:

Investors strike back at companies over pay. Financial Times, pg 1. Times, pg 41. Independent. Guardian, pg 26-27. Mail, pg 1. Telegraph.

Key articles on the Chamber Network’s policy priorities:

Clarke calls on big business to give ex-prisoners a chance to find jobs. Independent.

Think tank warns austerity is choking off growth. Guardian, pg 30.

King’s view of crisis triggers calls for a review. Financial Times, pg 1.Telegraph, pg B1.

High unemployment to do ‘permanent damage’ to UK. BBC.

Labour make gains in England and Wales. BBC. Telegraph.

Get ready to join euro, says Mandelson. Times, pg 15.

All mouth and no trousers, this Government. Times, pg 27.

Beijing’s backing could turn Britain’s hopes for a nuclear future into reality. Times, pg 45. Financial Times, pg 4.

Concern over banks ability to lend grows. Financial Times, pg 9.

Fears rise over the growth of ‘shadow banking’ as banks look to new loan funds for SMEs. Financial Times, pg 15.

Lufthansa pins blame for job losses on sky-high taxes. Times, pg 51.

More news...

May prepares for border staff strike as chaos hits Heathrow. Times, pg 1. Independent. Telegraph, pg 1.

Lib Dems and Conservatives make new case for coalition after losses in recent elections. Guardian, pg 1.

Clouds gather over Wirral as GM’s European losses mount. Times, pg 50.

Families must accept share of blame for Britain’s woes. Telegraph, pg 1.

Ed balls’ ‘fat cat’ brother shares in £57m bonanza. Express, pg 6.

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